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Miniature American Shepherd herding Miniature American Shepherd

The Miniature American Shepherd?

If you've never heard of this breed, you may be surprised to learn that it is the same breed as our much loved Australian Shepherd and Miniature Australian Shepherd!

Breed status of the Miniature Australian Shepherd has been a hotly debated topic for decades.
In a historic decision, the American Kennel Club (AKC), United States Australian Shepherd Association (USASA), and the North American Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of the USA (NAMASCUSA) have agreed to split the Australian Shepherd into two separate breeds, with those Aussies that are better served as the smaller version now known as the:

~ Miniature American Shepherd ~

Firehouse Kennels has long supported the oldest and largest parent club and registry for the Mini Aussie, NAMASCUSA. And we are very, very proud of its members' decision that NAMASCUSA shall be the parent club shepherding our dogs' into the AKC, with the new club name Miniature American Shepherd Club of the USA (MASCUSA).

All active Firehouse dogs are currently AKC registered and are eligible now to compete
in all AKC sports venues: agility, obedience, herding and tracking.
As the AKC transition progresses, all Firehouse dogs will also be eligible to compete in AKC conformation as well!

The AKC Board has approved the
Miniature American Shepherd
for entry into the Miscellaneous Class
effective June 27, 2012

Entry into the Miscellaneous Group allows the Miniature American Shepherd
to compete in AKC Conformation Events!

The Miniature American Shepherd is extremely intelligent, eager to please, and full of wiggles and smiles. Not only are they one of the most althletically versatile breeds (excelling in agility, obedience, disc dog, flyball, herding and rally), they are very loving and "almost human."  The MAS is somewhat reserved with strangers making him an exceptional family guardian, but warms up quickly when the stranger is accepted by his people.  Care should be taken in early socialization and obedience; as a herding dog they may attempt to herd everything in sight, including small children and other pets.  While not a "busy" dog who is in constant motion, they are an active dog who require daily mental and physical stimulation, and  do require an owner whose energy and activity level matches or exceeds their own!

The size of the Miniature American Shepherd ranges from small (14" and approx 20 lbs) to medium (18" and 40 lbs). Often described as a BIG dog in a little body, even those at the smaller end of the breed have a commanding presence.

It is our opinion that the Miniature American Shepherd is one of the most versatile breeds available in the world! Their biddable, easily trainable personality and extreme intelligence has consistently proven itself in:

Dock Dog
Disc Dog
Therapy and Service dogs

Whatever your dog sport, the Miniature American Shepherd is an excellent and willing teammate that will also cuddle with you or lie quietly by your side at the end of the day.

Colors are: Black, Red, Red merle and Blue merle. Copper trim and white markings vary and may or may not be present. Eye colors vary widely and may be brown, amber, blue and may even be 'marbled', which is a combination of any of these colors!

Ridgerunner's D'Bull Trbl and Firehouse's Aztec

Red tri with copper points and trim, minimal white
and blue merle with partial white collar and copper points and trim.


Ch. Firehouse's Nahuatl Tlachinolli

Blue merle (smoky blue coloring) with pale copper points and marbled blue/amber eyes.

Ch. Firehouse's Savannah Georgia

Black tri with lots of white and darker copper points/trim; two brown eyes. The black spotting in the white trim is known as 'ticking'.

Multi-Ch. Firehouse's Midnight Garden

Black tri with copper points/trim and full white collar.

Firehouse's Otra Vas

Red merle with one blue eye, one amber/blue marbled eye.

Firehouse's Aztec

Blue merle (bold pattern) with two blue eyes.

Firehouse's Maya

Red tri with copper points/trim and minimal white markings.




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