About Hypnosis

When most people think of hypnotherapy, they believe they are going to be put to sleep and the hypnotherapist will tell their mind what to do.


Hypnotherapy is not sleep at all. The client remains awake and aware throughout the session, and is even able to bring themselves out of hypnosis at any time. This is because the trance state is much different than sleep. The hypnotherapist merely guides the client to shift their focus of attention from the outside environment and conscious thought, to a single idea, emotion, or sensation that is causing problems for the client.


In this state of intense mental focus, clients are able to use imagery and their subconscious mind to quickly and easily change negative thoughts into healthy and positive beliefs, change habits, resolve issues surrounding emotions, even re-program unconscious physical reactions to stimuli.


At A Better You!, I am client directed. The client does all the healing, I simply act as your guide and under your direction. YOU remain in complete control of your therapy, goals and achievements!


If you can imagine it, you CAN achieve it!

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